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    Debt Collection Laws Protect Consumers



    All debt collection agencies in United States of America are guided by debt collection laws

    laid down by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and private attorneys. These laws are enforced to ensure the protection of consumers against illegal practices of debt collectors. The FTC has laid down debt collection guidelines in the FDCPA to punish the unfair debt collectors and protect you, the consumers.

    A debt collector should not:

    * Harass you to pay even if you owe

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    * Contact at inconvenient times

    * Call repeatedly or leave messages on voice mail

    * Call after a written request from you not to call

    * Use abusive language

    * Threaten to use violence

    * Illegally inform third party

    * Repeatedly call third party for information about you

    All these are considered violations of the FDCPA and are prohibited by federal law. You may file a case in a state or federal court for up to $1000.00 for damages. It is important to collect as much evidence as possible to file a case. Having a record of dates and times of calls, name of the collection agency and name of the person you spoke with will help you in your case. Recording of phone calls is a piece of evidence but you should check if it is allowed in your state.

    On the other hand, if you have a long outstanding debt and if you plan to opt for a collection agency better choose one with good standing. If a debt collector violates the FDCPA he/she is liable to be sued by the consumer or by an FDCPA attorney engaged by the consumer.

    The FDCPA attorneys make sure that there is justice in debt collection from you. The FDCPA also lays down guidelines for debt collectors and debt collection attorneys on collecting a legitimate debt. Debt Collection Laws

    protect consumers from debt collectors. Our Attorney Brian Parker follows an effective process of handling debt collection issues.

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  • 06May

    By Anna Jones

    Crushes are known to be the easy doorway into the planet of strong emotions and affairs, without having much of the distressing hazard involved in really dating someone. A crush more truly means to admire someone from far-off. It’s a very cute feeling which deters obligation of any sort. You actually enjoy the little spring of emotion that grows in your heart and it is indeed an incredibly powerful feeling that might take you to the crest of sheer obsession. This adorable feeling of crush is usually experienced on people who are very unlikely to fall for a relationship with you. Often observed among the teenagers, crushes can be on anyone and at anywhere. Teachers, actors, band members, scout leaders or any one of higher authority can be your crush. You can also have crush on your class mate. We all have crushes in our life and this is something we look back on with great fondness.

    Crushes usually happens when you meet someone for the first time and there is some special quality in the person which draws your attention so much that you get attracted to him or her drastically. When crushes occur, you tend to think about the person day or night where there may be the least possibility for a passionate relation between you two. But if the crush is a both sided one then it might get transformed into love with the consent of duo. Crushes can happen at any age and it can also crop up in your heart even if you are into a romance already. You are thrilled when they are close to you and feel wretched when they are away. You become so impatient that you always want to tell the person how much you like him or her but are scared at the same time of his or her rebuff. A hasty heartbeat and clammy palms are the main indication for a person in crush. Sometime out of excess excitement, youngsters start drooling when they get in touch with their crush. At the beginning, it might seem very hard to settle out things in one’s mind and especially in one’s heart but within few weeks or few months everything will even out and soon you will learn to bring your emotion under control. A crush if dealt in an understanding manner, eventually takes the form of a more meaningful bond; it can be an everlasting friendship or a romance.

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    There are some indications given by your crush and if you notice them deeply you can actually recognize the person having a crush on you. Starting off with boys, in crush, they will start treating you with esteem; they will send flowers on your birthday without mentioning their name, they will often flatter your beauty, they will pretend to be quite chilled at observing you eyeing or mingling with other guys but in actuality would hate the scenario. If you ever forget your jacket anywhere, they are always there to lend you their own; you will find him talking in a softer tone while interacting with you, they will always escort you to your home, just to bring a smile on your face they will go to the extent of cracking jokes even on themselves, they memorize little things mentioned by you in the conversation and sometimes they look straight into your eyes. All these activities of a guy towards you imply that you are his crush.

    Girls are quite inexplicable and you will never be able to find out if any girl has a crush on you unless she decides to let you aware of it. Either a girl in crush prefers to keep absolutely hushed or make it public by unveiling her feelings to everyone in order to seek suggestion. If you are the one the lady has a crush on then the first thing you will notice is a direct eye contact and a smirk on her face while eyeing you. She flips her hair while talking to you and also at times touches your arm; she will often come up with queries such as what kind of girl can take your breath away, while freaking out in a group especially in a movie hall you will always find her taking the seat right beside you and she will turn down the girl who will come under your list of praised ones. She remembers the name of each of every person at your home including your pets, she has every detail of yours registered in her mind. Her friends seem to know you well since she shares her secret thoughts about you with her friends. She will even try to spend extra time with you in all probable ways.

    As you will set your eyes on these given ideas, you will feel the rush of being taken by a crush. These ideas will solve the puzzles in your mind about whether the person you have a crush on undergoes the similar kind of feelings. Crushes are usually seen as ephemeral, unrequited love based on bodily charm which often casts its spell on the teenage groups and thereby termed as immaturity. If this crush is both-sided then with a little bit of attempt, it can take the form of love. So move ahead and enjoy your crush as this is something which cannot be stripped off from anyone’s life.

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    and Relationships.She also writes on Wedding and Anniversary Ideas. She is an active blogger and can be found at “http://bliss-weddings.blogspot.com/”



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