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    Why The Name “Ujanja”



    Ujanja is a Swahili word which means tricky or more or less clever too. Ujanja was chosen to be used for once as it is a Swahili word and can be pronounced by the better population of Kenyans i.e. Swahili is the national language of Kenya.

    Ujanja was chosen as it is Swahili which can be pronounced by anyone. Nowadays, Swahili has become the language used by most of the companies in Kenya. For example most of the tariffs are called by Swahili words as they capture everyones attention and they are easily pronounced.

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    The word Ujanja brought out the main purpose of the software. This is because the main aim of the software is to track stolen laptops and cell phones and yet the thief who stole your device does not know that he/she is being tracked. Hence the name Ujanja was suggested as it completely gives full meaning to the softwares purpose. Thats why all banners, posters and brochures have the wordsKiss your thieves Goodbye.

    The word Ujanja is also attractive. When the words Ujanja Technology are mentioned to most of the people, it makes them have a sense of concern. Most of the people will ask themselves What is that Ujanja Technology? The words make someone want to know more about it and hence it is a good brand name for advertising and marketing the software.

    With most of the softwares in Kenya are given English names, the word Ujanja makes the product unique in many ways. Once you tell someone that Ujanja is a software, they will want to know what its all about. A person knowing that Ujanja in Swahili means

    Tricky definitely will have interest

    Generally, ujanja is a fabulous word for advertising and we cannot deny it fits the software and the purpose of the software.

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