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    By Bridget Mora

    Your maid of honor is more than simply a bridesmaid, she is also your best friend, your sister, or your closest confidante. Such a special person deserves to be set apart in some way. These are some great ideas for ways to distinguish your maid of honor.

    One easy way to make your maid of honor stand out is to select a different color or style bridesmaid dress for her. It looks very beautiful to have the maid of honor in a dress which is a lighter or darker shade of the same colors the rest of the bridesmaids will be wearing. For instance, if the rest of your attendants will be wearing a baby blue dress, the maid of honor could wear a navy blue dress, perhaps with a baby blue sash for cohesiveness. A variation on this is to select the same gown for the entire bridal party, but to set the maid of honor apart with a sash in a different hue.

    Sometimes the maid of honor will wear a totally different color. In one wedding I attended, the bridesmaids wore an autumnal shade of orange dupioni. The maid of honor, who was the bride’s sister, was a very heavy girl and was worried that an orange dress on her frame would resemble a pumpkin. The solution was to allow her to select a bridesmaid dress in the same fabric, but in a completely different color, and everyone was happy. At times, the maid of honor might wear the same color as the rest of the group, but in a different style. For example, your honor attendant could wear a halter version of a strapless style worn by the other bridesmaids.

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    Accessories can be a fantastic way to set your maid of honor apart. If you were giving your friends bridesmaid jewelry gifts consisting of a necklace and a pair of earrings, you could add the coordinating bracelet to the maid of honor gift. Or perhaps give bridesmaid jewelry gifts like a single strand of pearls to your main group and give your maid of honor a double strand. Another option is to have your maid of honor wear a crystal headband or rhinestone clip in her hair. Some brides even opt to set their honor attendants apart with different shoes; say black for the bridesmaids and red for the maid of honor (a cute idea for shorter dresses).

    The bouquet is another excellent way to honor your top attendant. Often the maid of honor will carry the same flowers as the other girls, but in a larger size bouquet. Or she might have a special detail added to her blossoms, such as a crystal butterfly ornament perched on one side of the bouquet or crystals in the center of each flower. Sometimes the maid of honor will carry a bouquet which is a bridge between the bridal bouquets and the bridesmaid bouquets. This can be done either with colors or flowers. If the bride will carry white roses and the bridesmaids red ones, the honor attendant could have a red and white rose bouquet. Or if the bride will carry very costly flowers like orchids, and the wedding party something more modestly priced, the maid of honor’s bouquet could be mostly made of the same flowers as the other bridesmaids’, but with a few of the fancy orchids added into the mix.

    There are plenty of other ways to help your maid of honor stand out. She could wear a wrap or shrug over her dress, have beading on her gown when the others are more simple, or any number of things. Of course, no matter what you choose to do, know that everyone will know who your maid of honor is because she is the attendant who is closest to the bride.

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  • 30Apr

    By Natalie Williams

    What’s the use of pubic hair? Scientists are still unsure about the purpose of pubic hair on our bodies. Some of the presumable uses of pubic hair include:

    1. Pheromones are being disperse by the pubic hair to attract the opposite sex.

    2. Protection of the genitals against abrasion during sexual intercourse.

    3. Keeps the genitals warm.

    4. Shields dirt from the genitals.

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    Should I Shave My Pubic Hair?

    The removal of pubic hair has been part of a lot of cultures throughout history as a means for getting more comfort, look better, improve hygiene, conforming to religious practices and to improve the love making experience. With the growing popularity of the bare look since the nineties, many men and women feel pressured to follow this trend in order to fit in. The decision to remove your pubic hair should be decided according to your beliefs and personal preferences. Regardless of your motivation to remove your pubic hair, it is important for you to understand the various pubic hair removal methods to decide the most suitable solution for you.

    The 5 Most Common Pubic Hair Removal Solutions

    1. Shaving – The most common tools for shaving the pubic region are conventional electric shavers and razor blades. Men typically use their electric beard shavers or razor blades while women use their leg shavers. It isn’t a mystery why most people develop irritating side effects such as ingrown hairs, itching and pubic pimples. What they need is a real pubic shaver instead.

    2. Waxing – Some people like it, some people don’t. It hurts a lot and you have to expose your private parts to a stranger at a salon. The main benefit is it’s long lasting effect. Another solution is to get your hands on a DIY bikini waxing kit you can apply on yourself in the privacy of your home at a very low price.

    3. Depilatories – These come in the form of creams, gels, lotions and roll-ons. The chemicals in the depilatories literally melts the hair so that you may wipe it off easily. It is important to note that most products are not designed for use in the pubic area. It is not recommended to use these products on a skin surface it was not designed for to prevent skin irritation.

    4. Trimming – For people who just want to keep their pubic hair short without removing them, trimming is the right answer for you. The most basic tool is to simply use a pair of scissors to trim your pubic hair to your desired length. However, some people are hesitant about using a sharp object near their private parts. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you could purchase a pubic hair trimmer to trim you pubic hair without getting cut.

    5. Permanent Removal – Electrolysis and laser treatments are 2 of the common permanent hair removal solutions. Electrolysis is a very long and inconvenient process because each hair follicle has to be disabled individually. Laser treatments on the other hand are more convenient because it uses a light beam to disable an area of hair on your body. Both methods require multiple treatments costing at least $500 or more to completely remove all the pubic hair on your body.

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