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    Submitted by: Vikram KR

    Every now and then you would browse through social media, thinking of new ways to promote your corporate endeavor and you would come across articles which show you pictures of innovative business cards of CEOs who run successful businesses. Business cards do not consist of cheap prints on a flimsy paper anymore. They have to be of a high quality with stylish prints and a sturdy material so that it doesnt lose its consistency every time a small drop of water happened to fall on it. Believe it or not, the kind of business card you order and feel proud enough to show off to your prospective clients tells a lot about how serious you are about your business. Take our advice and always go for Gold foil stamped business cards when you are out to order business cards the next time. We are just about tell you why its such a great idea!

    While a cheap paper material with some stock prints would say that you have absolutely no faith in your company, a business card which has gold foil on it says that you believe that your company is meant for great things and hence you are not afraid to invest your money into it. Gold is the color of majesty and is the emblem of dominance and power. Not to mention, your clients wouldnt be able to throw it away and you never know when a business opportunity might strike their minds!

    Feel free to search the internet for videos of how the printing company makes Gold foil stamped business cards and we promise that you are going to be blown away by the sheer artistry that exudes out of the cards. Your clients form their first impression about you and your company from the kind of business card you own and it can be a real weapon in meetings when you really want to impress some important people without making too much of an effort. The elegant gold foil stamped business cards might seem like a gamble but once you lay your eyes on the brilliance of the gold color set off against the black matte texture of the rest of the card, you would be completely sold to the idea.

    The business cards which are stamped with gold foil usually come with a package of a thick laminated paper which ensures that every penny you spend is worth it as because come rain or hail, it would be tear and crease resistant. If you happen to request the printing company of your choice for a business card with gold foil on it, dont rest until they have assured you with samples that your business card is going to have the thickness of a credit card. Anything less would be sacrilege. Check to see if the letters can be seen even when you are in a dark place. The good quality gold foil cards are supposed to reflect light in even dim light. If you ask for our opinion, we would always advise you to choose a white or black base when you order business cards as those are the ones which make the gold color pop more. Dont settle in case they tell you that creating such a card is impossible. The right printing company would fulfill your every demand. Dont rest until you have found it.

    About the Author: Always remember that it is not sufficient to have gold foil embossed on your


    Gold foil stamped business cards when you


    order business cards . You would also need to ensure that the thickness is right for that luxurious touch.



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    By Marcella Cardinal

    Caring for your skin and maintaining its youth and luminosity, whether through quality skin care products or regular facials, may seem to many people a matter of vanity and indulgence. Let’s be honest; to some degree it is. We want to look good, because when we look good we feel better about ourselves. But valuing your esthetic needs benefits you more than skin deep, especially when it comes to inflammation.

    The skin is the largest organ in your body and it has a multitude of functions that are taken for granted. For example, not only is it the casing that wraps your musculature, skeletal structure and internal organs, it is like the bouncer in a nightclub. It makes sure only the right things get in, and keeps some of the most important ones from getting out. The skin also acts as a full-time garbage disposal by filtering waste, just like your kidneys, and its acidic pH makes it a hostile environment for bacteria to survive.

    In the evolution of skin care there are many approaches to correcting aging concerns, including balancing hormones, protecting from UV radiation, correcting free-radical damage, and detoxification. Micro-injections have become more and more popular in recent years, as well as sirtuin technology which focuses on activating the enzymes that prolong the life of cells. But what do you know about inflammation?

    I’m guessing what comes to mind is probably swelling, redness, heat and perhaps even discomfort. If so, you’re on the right track, but that’s not the inflammation I’m talking about. What’s more, if you don’t have rosacea, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with you. What if I told you the inflammation I am referring to is an internal and silent inflammation that you neither see nor feel. To put it another way; it’s not a matter of if you have inflammation, it’s a matter of when you will see its effects and the actual toll it’s taking on your skin (and body in general) over the years.

    You see, there are two types of aging: Extrinsic and Intrinsic and I am pretty certain that what you’ve been treating up until now has only been Extrinsic. Just as these names suggest, extrinsic aging happens outside of the body and is influenced by all the factors you are already aware of: damaging radiation due to sun exposure, pollution, and other free-radical causing agents. By contrast, intrinsic aging occurs inside the body and its main governing factors are genetics and inflammation.

    Inflammation is like stress. It has its benefits when it is the body functioning to protect itself. The fight or flight response and spike in adrenaline have been an important tool in the evolution of our species to ensure survival. However, chronically elevated levels of adrenaline -commonly known as stress- begins breaking down your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

    YouTube Preview Image

    By the same token, inflammation is the skin’s response when an unknown element ‘attacks’ the skin. Blood is rushed to the affected area (increasing heat and redness in the skin) to assist white blood cells in killing infection. Chronic inflammation (whether it’s visible or not) keeps the skin in a heightened state of response. Every time this protective mechanism occurs, enzymes are released to destroy cells, including collagen and elastin, and free-radicals are released.

    At this point you’re most likely wondering what causes inflammation. As I’ve just mentioned, stress and diet are biggies, although stress seems to be the accepted norm in society today. And although, I’m not asking you to overhaul your current lifestyle, tweaking your diet AND using the appropriate skin care products will make a big, long-term difference not only in the beauty of your skin, but in your overall health.

    Aging is not the only skin condition inflammation causes over time. Other common skin concerns include acne, pigmentation spots, sagginess, enlarged pores, dryness, dullness, reddening of the skin and flare-ups.

    So how do you treat this inflammation? Too many times I’ve had clients that believe that the ‘stronger’ or harsher a product or treatment is, the better it must be. After all, it must mean it’s more effective, right? Wrong.

    Believe me, more aggressive treatments can be effective, and are at times necessary, depending on the condition of the skin and the results that need to be achieved. All peels, lasers and medical skin care treatments have their place. These treatments cause a wound response in the skin, which can have its benefits as long as you re-establish balance and give your skin the tools it needs to properly heal and restore itself, maintaining its health from the inside-out.

    Here are some basic steps to get you started on addressing inflammation:

    1.Begin supplementing your skin care with products that contain ingredients such as aloe, gingko biloba, allatoin, honey and chamomile. Skin growth factors (SGFs) are also key in healing and regenerating the skin.

    2.Be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunblock on a daily basis that contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as active ingredients in a 6% or higher.

    3.Avoid extremely hot water in washing your face or in your showers. Opt for lukewarm to cool water instead and even keep some skin care products in the refrigerator for that soothing, cooling effect.

    4.Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet, along with whole grains and salmon. If you’re not big on fish, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplements are also effective at targeting the inflammation.

    5.Avoid sugar and coffee as much as you can. Black and green tea are great caffeine alternatives, in addition to being full of antioxidants!

    Having more beautiful, youthful and radiant skin doesn’t necessarily mean completely altering your lifestyle, although it does call for some changes. Surgery, botox and fillers will eliminate wrinkles, but they don’t change the quality and health of your skin. It’s not about just a superficial quick fix if you’re looking for long-term results, but rather a whole-listic approach that involves treating and healing the skin from the inside-out. Who knows, you may even lose a few inches off your waistline!

    About the Author: Marcella is an internationally-trained esthetician and makeup aritst with over 17 years of experience. Her specialties are corrective skin care and TV, print and wedding makeup artistry and she has been featured on The Doctors and Hell’s Kitchen.






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